ForaCare Cellular Solutions

ForaCare Cellular Solutions

ForaCare has been providing such futuristic solutions for over a decade. Standing at the forefront of telehealth innovation, ForaCare’s SIM card-enabled solutions allow data to be seamlessly uploaded directly to the cloud via a 3g and 4g connection.

This hassle-free sharing of information reduces the time spent in pairing and syncing with a smartphone, simplifying the communication between patients and healthcare professionals.

Manage from any location

What if patients and healthcare professionals could connect 24/7?

ForaCare answers the question with our Telehealth Solutions, which allows patients to upload their measurement data instantly to our secure cloud system for healthcare professionals to analyze the data from any location, and family members to be informed and engaged in the healthcare process.

Telehealth is reshaping how healthcare is delivered

The FORA Telehealth System establishes an effective interaction between caregivers and patients for long-term management of chronic illnesses, such as diabetes and hypertension.

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Highlight changing healthcare landscape towards telehealth (especially with covid)

Cardiovascular Diseases

– Hypertensive Heart Disease
– Cardiac dysrhythmias

Metabolic Syndrome

– Coronary artery(high blood cholesterol)

Diabetes Solutions

– Diabetes Type 1 and 2

Telehealth Case Study

Telehealth Case Study

Remote monitoring of key health metrics is a particularly important capability as rates of chronic disease increase and health plans and doctors seek new ways to stop disease progression.

Studies have shown significantly lower HbA1c levels at six months (-0.99, P = 0.024) in Telehealth-assisted case management. This correlates with various benefits:

  • 14% decrease in heart attacks
  • 21% reduction in diabetes-related deaths
  • 37% decrease in microvascular complications
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